If you've listened to myself and Erin McCarty over the past few days, then you know this weekend was pretty rough on our family. We've had one veterinary emergency after another in the past few weeks and Saturday, we were forced into a position to make a decision I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! After already having been through colic surgery last Summer with my big guy, Paisano, we had to make the decision again Saturday to save our sweet Neal.

Neal is a 20 year old Palomino and he's taught countless kids how to ride. Even though he's a senior, and colic surgery isn't a guarantee, we rolled the dice and Neal the Real Deal is doing great! In fact, he's feeling so good at this point, he's pissed he can't eat everything he wants! I'll take that for sure!

I'd like to thank the doctors and staff at Red River Equine Hospital in Benton, LA, who have once again worked their magic and saved one of my babies. It's going to be a long road to recovery, but with Red River in our corner, we feel a lot better about our odds! Thank you Red River!