I get to enjoy a nice beach vacation, but the ultra-wealthy look for big-time adventures when they go on vacation.  And they don't travel light.  They bring haute couture and designer accessories.  They dine at only the finest restaurants while on their getaways.  And those getaways are quite extravagant.  Helicopter skiing in Alaska or a getaway to an exclusive hideaway in the Maldives are the current trends for the growing number of millionaires.
Here are the top 5 favorite places for the rich and famous:

1. Pristine Caribbean Waters: Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

The Caribbean is known to attract the celebrity set, especially cachet locations like Barbados and St. Bart's. But, while you may not be able to spend your winter at a $25,000 per night villa, you can still enjoy the white sand and clear blue waters of this area.
2.  A Touch of Old-World Class: Dubrovnik, Croatia

This Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea coast is one the most prominent tourist destinations on the Adriatic. But that hasn't forced it into elite status – yet. The city boasts a mild climate, some beautiful beaches and incredible, old world architecture. In fact, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Center thanks to its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains.
This city is a popular destination among European tourists, but despite the seemingly palatial surroundings, it's a relatively inexspensive vacation destination.

3.French Colonial Elegance – and Food: Luang Prabang, Laos

Sure, Thailand still has inexpensive travel options, even at the resort level, but according to the "Lonely Planet" travel guide, the historic royal city of Luang Prabang is quickly winning over tourists seeking an Asian adventure. Its decidedly French charm only adds to its appeal. Thanks to its UNESCO Heritage status, you can sit and enjoy a baguette and a Lao beer as you marvel at this city's gleaming Buddhist temples and old French architecture.  A "steep" hotel in this city goes for more than $180, although some rooms cost $350 a night. 

4. A Cosmopolitan South American City: Bogotá, Colombia
After years of civil conflict, Colombia is now (relatively) safe to visit. According to the U.S. Department of State, crime and violence should still pose some concern to travelers, and those who are thinking about traveling here should check for any travel warnings from the U.S. Embassy before departure.
But despite its violent past, the "Lonely Planet" now calls Bogotá one of Latin America's "urban highlights". In Bogotá, you can enjoy the city's bright night life, tour its colonial churches, or, if you're looking for a truly rich experience, check out the city's Gold Museum, which houses more than 34,000 pieces of gold from many of the city's ancient pre-Hispanic cultures.

5. A Private Oasis: Siwa, Egypt
The New York Times described Siwa as one of the "most laid back spots in Africa.  In fact, it's literally an oasis. The city is 350 remote and featureless desert miles from Cairo, but because it's built atop a network of natural wells, it's a beautiful refuge of date palms and natural springs – all of which can be visited for free.  Although tourism is quickly catching on, the city's top (and typically most expensive) ecolodge resort goes for about $400 a night. However, the city's other hotels tend to go for about $50 per night and are highly rated by travelers. Although restaurant options are limited, you can enjoy a full Egyptian meal for less than $10.

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The shift is evident "even in brand-obsessed China" where personal luxury goods serve as a strong badge of status and success, he added.

The business of providing luxury experiences – from art auctions to exclusive travel packages – is now the fastest growing in the travel world.  Experts expect a 7% increase in luxury spending this year.