It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Cupid is about to shoot little arrows into your heart and make it skip a beat. Check out these awesome Valentine's Day candies that will make your booty bigger by eating them.


  • 1

    Chocolate Cherry Chunky Booty Builder Candy

    Have a couple of these cherries and your booty will get as broad as the side of a barn!

    Joe Raedle/Getty
  • 2

    Booty Builder Chocolate

    Add 5 pounds to your booty with each slice of this tasty Valentine's Day chocolate.

    Joe Raedle/Getty
  • 3

    Have a Big Heart and Big Booty

    Cupid will shoot little arrows in your heart but this candy will pump pounds on your booty.

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  • 4

    Chocolate-Coated Volkswagen

    Have a few bites of this chocolate car and you'll have a booty as big a Vokswagen Bug.

    Koichi Kamoshida/Getty
  • 5

    Heart Box Candy

    This big heart shaped box makes Valentine's Day candy look small, but eat two or three pieces and your booty will get bigger.

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