People never cease to amaze us! Well, we think that one of those people is our friend Rhonda Turner, who saved a gaggle of baby ducks and gave them a temporary home.

Rhonda is a really funny lady and has a heart of gold, as well. How many people do you know that will rescue a group of baby ducks and take them home to live in their bathtub?

She shared the cute photo of the baby ducks going for a morning swim with us on our Facebook page. She says that she’ll keep the ducks for as long as she can or until they are ready to return to the lake.

"I'm bringing them back to the lakes at work," Rhonda told us. "I'm just going to get them bigger so they have a fighting chance against the predators; cats, snakes and turtles have been getting all the babies. Thanks so much to everyone willing to help, though!"

We're officially giving Rhonda a new nickname: The Duck Whisperer!