Does anybody else remember those cabinet TV sets? I remember we used to have one. That thing lasted forever and was just like a piece of furniture. Some even had a built in radio. IKEA is bringing those back with their UPPLEVA line.


The UPPLEVA is a line of smart TV's and sound system integrated in IKEA furniture. It is a pretty simple solution to those pesky cords hanging all over the place.

I know the first thing you want to ask is how long is THAT going to take to put together?! That was my first question too. Don't worry, the TV, speakers, and blue ray player all come fully assembled. Even though Conan couldn't help but poke the bear on the assembly. They also include in the price a five year warranty!

Don't hold your breath on getting your hands on one of these in the States. UPPLEVA will be available in Stockholm, Milan, Paris, Gdansk and Berlin in June 2012. Fall 2012 UPPLEVA will be hitting stores in Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Norway and Portugal. Spring 2013 UPPLEVA will be launched in other countries, but the US is not specifically mentioned. I'm actually okay with that. Give them some time to work the bugs out in other countries.

Buzzfeed via Fastcodesign