Faith is a tricky thing these days. It once was no question that we had faith that our prayers would be answered, but now people are ridiculed for having faith and praying. Here's a great example of just that. A video surfaced on Youtube of a woman praying to God to "take it away from us" as a tornado approached West Liberty, Kentucky on March 2, 2012.

The video part of the video was even featured on CNN' website. But, what disturbs me is all of the comments I've seen on Youtube and a blog called

Jesus is a myth, just like every other god that humanity has invented.Gobear1

LOL its 2012 not the 1800's we understand tornado's how they form etc and we can track their progress with satellites etc.You are seriously stupid if you think her babble has any effect on the path of a tornado.


I will admit that it is really easy to react in a sarcastic manner when it comes to things of faith. It is real easy to dismiss something you don't understand.