Well, it's about time! As many episodes of Friend, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond and M*A*S*H that my house watches, it is good to know that being a couch-potato has its advantages.

The University of Buffalo gave their students something to do worthwhile...and it is something I remember doing a lot of in college...watch daytime reruns on TV. And amazingly, they have come to find that it is actually really good for you to do.

The study found that watching a show you like makes you feel "comforted" because you see the characters you love . . . but you know what they're going to say.

Don't think that having this info is a bad thing, knowing what the characters are going to say is the best way to enjoy yourself without using ANY mental energy, because it refreshes your brain and set yourself up to do better work afterward.

Now you don't have to worry about how they DVR is filling up on shows that you have already seen. You now have a reason...it is healthy.