Watermelon Oreos? From the sound of them, it can't taste good. However, they could be the food hit of the summer, if not the year. And the best part, it is only for a limited time. At $3 a bag, they are priced where, if you are curious, you gotta try them and (if you feel generous) share them with friends and co-workers. If you don't like them, you can let the co-workers fight over them.

from junkfoodguy.com

Now I am not a fan of Watermelon flavors, but this one has me interested to try them. They use the vanilla cookies, not the traditional chocolate ones. And in between you get cream that's half pink, half green, and tastes like Watermelon.

I would expect it to be grossed out, but according to JunkFoodGuy.com described it as, quote, "a watermelon taste like it had been blended with cream. Imagine a watermelon ice cream."

Target is the place to get them in the Shreveport/Bossier City area. If you can't wait, here are the locations:

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