I wasn't really that into the Pokemon Go app when it first came out. Of course I played it and hunted for those pocket monsters just like everyone else, but Pokemon was never really my thing. However, I am beyond excited for the interactive Harry Potter game. That is much more my thing.

Recently, news came out the game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, will feature voices of the characters we know and love. Dame Maggie Smith will be coming back to voice Minerva McGonagall and Michael Gambon voicing his character Professor Dumbledore. If you missed the news check out the link below.

But the news that caught my attention was that we finally now know the release date! We can expect to start roaming around Hogwarts on April 25. After taking a second look at the information this confused me. I thought the AR game was still unknown because the developers didn't want to release that information to the public just yet, according to Variety.

Come to find out that there are two games coming from the Harry Potter world. You have Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery which is a role playing game, and you also have Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that has the AR experience like Pokemon Go.

So this April will not be the day that the AR app will be dropping, but we can still get our Harry Potter fix when the RPG drops. I am a little disappointed to find this out, however it is still coming this year, as stated by Variety.