I've made it through 5 days of walking without coming up with some sort of lame excuse for not going. Here's the day-to-day breakdown that shows my steady improvement.

Day 1

Dr. Jason Maggio walked with me at Mall St. Vincent. We made it two laps around the mall. I was sweating a little bit at the end of it, but I made it.

Day 2

Liz Guest, Terri Riley and Dana Brossett joined me at the mall. We made it twice around the mall. I was a little misty, but not too bad. I must admit, my thighs were sore, but it was nothing a nice hot bath couldn't take care of.

Day 3

The girls joined me for three laps around Mall St. Vincent. They actually tricked me and we were walking faster than we had the previous time.

Day 4

On Friday, Dr. Jason called me while I was enroute to the mall to say he couldn't show up. If he had called me while I was still at home, I would have stayed on the couch! But since I was already on the way, I did my walk.

Day 5

I have started off this week raising the bar again. We walked four times around the mall and I really didn't have to ask the girls to slow it down too many times. Plus, we had a new walker with us: Cynthia Keith joined us and she plans to come back.

You also have an open invitation to join us. We walk at 5 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Mall St. Vincent. We meet by the Dilliards entrance.