Strange things been happening around your house. especially as Halloween nears? Do you have reason to think that your house just may be haunted? Well, now you can get answers online at

As the name suggests, the website tells you who, if anyone, has died in the place you call home.

Roy Condrey was a property owner who started the site after one of his tenants told him he believed the home he was renting was haunted; Condrey did a little digging and learned that in most states there's no law requiring home sellers or real estate agents to disclose a death that took place in a residence.

For $11.99 a search on his website, more than a year in the making, will dig through multiple sources to see if anyone spent their final days at your address.

Condrey says a death on-site can reduce a property's value by as much as 25%. But lately, he says, even realtors have been coming around, using his site to run their own searches on homes thy have up for sale.