If you haven't heard, Japan has been sending over vending machines that dispense everything from beer to veggies, so why shouldn't California set up vending machines for its biggest cash crop, marijuana?

Well, it's illegal for starters, but that's not stopping The Dispensary Group from launching the state's first automated marijuana dispenser so patients can get their relief when the shops are closed.

Of course, you need a medical marijuana card to use it, and there are a few more "by the ways" for potential customers.

According to Dvice, the machine (called the AutoSpense) requires a special swipe card, a thumbprint, and a pin code to function. And supposedly, it's under constant surveillance. One can assume there is a barbed wire fence that goes up to trap you, while you wait for the DEA to show up if you punch in the wrong codes...but that is just a guess on my part.