Chia seeds are described as the "stamina superfood". Yes these are the same seeds used to grow hair on the popular chia pet. But the chia seeds have amazing health and medicinal benefits.

Chia supplies twice the protein of most other grains and seeds, 3 times the antioxidant concentrations of blueberries. Chia seeds have 3 times the iron found in spinach, and provide twice more potassium than a banana. These seeds are also a great source of Omega fatty acids (the 'healthy' fats).

Some things to note about Chia seeds: it is a possibility  that consuming too many chia seeds could decrease blood pressure in older people.

Chia also gives you a considerable source of B vitamins, so you should be careful if you take a vitamin B supplement.

You might also experience an increase in gas.

Chia seeds are a member of the the 'Salvia' family. Some specialists suggest not having chia every day as it could very well have addictive properties when consuming it constantly in large batches.