St. Patricks Day is a traditional day of drinking in the Northeast.


That tradition is spreading across the country. Celebrations will be happening across the nation today and tonight. To figure out which cities imbibe the most throughout the year, The Daily Beast has a list of the most drunk cities. For the final ranking, the average drinks per month rank was weighted 50 percent; the binge-drinking and the heavy-drinking population for each metro area each got a 25 percent weighting. Here are the top 10:

10. Providence, RI

9. Washington, DC

8. Chicago

7. New Orleans

6. Hartford, CN

5. Austin

4. Charleston, SC

3. Milwaukee, WI

2. Norfolk, VA

1. Boston, MA

Boston residents drink more than 15 drinks per month, on average. 20% of the population of Boston are classified as binge drinkers. More than 7% of Bostonions are considered heavy drinkers.

Baton Rouge is #16 on the list.