Archaeology is so cool, but not all of it involves mummies or Indiana Jones.  Some of the best digs are happening all around us - and sometimes they happen right under your nose.

To further the point, there is a archaeological dig going on in Shreveport that aims to literally dig up details about life here in the SBC over 100 years ago.  The expedition is focused on St. John Berchmans Parish Church & College built in 1902 by the Jesuits.

There have been exciting discoveries at the sight already, the team has discovered the easternmost corner of the building, a huge column, and a whole lot of oyster shells.  As you can see, some discoveries answer questions and some others bring more questions.  Oyster shells?

If you are interested in the unearthed secrets of history that our cities hold, you can keep up with the dig here.  Brown fedora and bull whip not included.