Are you into Public Displays of Affection? If you are then you probably have heard others say, "Oh puleez, get a room!" If you have, then you know how much your friends aren't into PDA. So, in a form of respect, you have decided to take your love to the you have discovered VDA: Virtual Displays of Affection.

After all, you realize that PDA is for old people and you are in the now, your love is High-Tech.

So how well is this new form of expressing your love going over with your friends?

A new survey asked people if they're annoyed by virtual displays of affection on each other's Facebook walls or Twitter feeds. Looks like almost one in four people say VDAs are annoying.

  • 58% of people say they don't like when people post about breakups online, and 33% don't like seeing couples referring to each other by their pet names online.
  • 10% of people say they don't like it when people use a couples photo as their main profile picture.

So, if you keep losing friends, you may be getting unfriended for your unkind is that....but who needs 500 friends anyway?