I don't really know what you call these, but I have been obsessed with them for years.

photo by Ted Radke for Getty Images

I really thought I was weird, but that all changed dramatically during a friendly game of bunco with the girls on Saturday night. One of the ladies pulled up a picture on her cell phone of a celebrity guy and he had those indentions on the side of his hips flowing down to his upper thighs. All 9 of the ladies sitting around the table gasped in unison. This lovely gentleman had such sexy abs complimented by those spectacular divots off to the side. I know, divots is a stupid word for them.

And that's where I need your help.

photo by Martin Samuelson for flickr

They are so beautiful to look at and I found some of the best photos of this part I could find. I want to name these divine male features.  I'm thinking "hipples" or "himples". Do you have any other suggestions?