I am thinking about buying a gun. I'm not really worried about my safety, but I want to be able to have a gun in my purse if I should ever need it.


The problem is I know nothing about guns. I can't tell you the difference between a .22 and a .23. I've recently gone shooting with the husband of a friend of mine. He loves guns and I actually found it fun to shoot different kinds of guns.

To be honest, they scare me. I never wanted a gun in the house while I had little children. Now that my boys are grown, I'm thinking about it again.


My big concern about guns is that an accident could happen. I know guns have lots of safety features that I will have to learn about to be safe. My other worry is that if I had a gun in my purse and something happened, could I really use it? I don't think I could actually shoot another person. I will have to get beyond that thinking.


I've been very surprised to find out how many of my friends pack heat. Over the past two weeks, I have asked every woman I've been around if they have a gun and 75 percent of them actually own a gun. Many of them have concealed carry permits and tote the gun around in their purse!

So, I guess I'll have to start shopping. Do I buy one online or at a local gun dealer? Decisions, decisions!