We always hear that women are looking for a guy with a good sense of humor, but how true is that? According to a new study, which is being reported by ScienceDirect.com, it is true...BUT...

only if you are attractive. The study conducted by University of Stirling in the U.K., women find good-looking guys funnier than ugly guys.

So are women looking for attractive or funny guys? Still confused? We are too.

There are two theories on this.

  • Humor is a good sign of good "genetic quality", as humor is correlated to intellect.
  • Sexual attraction is something that the opposite sex desires, so it is part of the female DNA to seek out handsome men, whom they are inclined to find funny.

So how did they come to these results?

The test was given to undergraduate psychology students and were videoed while being asked which two items they would take to a desert island, and why. They could pick from either chocolate, hairspray or a plastic bag. While the students weren't told that the study was about humour, the vast majority gave the appearance of trying to be funny in their answer Other students were then asked to rate the desert-island comments for wit, as well as how attractive each of the commenters might be for a short-term or long-term relationship.The researchers found that attractive individuals were rated as funnier in video clips than their ugly counterparts.