No surprise, men hate shopping.  However, ladies, you now have a window of opportunity to actually get your man to go shopping, but if you miss the window, you will now know what will happen:Ladies, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but men are willing to put up with shopping for a whopping 26 minutes. After that, they get bored, and they're ready for shopping to be done.

Here is why that is a bigger problem than you may think. The average woman says shopping only gets boring for her after TWO HOURS!!!!

So what happens when guys get bored from shopping?

  • 50% of all men try to avoid shopping with their woman whenever possible
  • 25% of guys have left her at the mall and driven home after they couldn't take it anymore.
  • 50% of men wander around the store after they get bored
  • 33% go outside to wait
  • 20% kill time by gawking at other women