Sun of a Beach is going to feature the best tropical-themed fun and music ever, but what should you wear? Here's our friendly advice.

  • 1

    Hawaiian Shirt

    Is there anything more fitting for a tropical-themed party than a Hawaiian shirt? We think not! You can find one of these at your favorite clothing retailer or the local Goodwill store.

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    There's just something about a comfortable pair of cargo shorts that screams summer. And let's be honest: a pair of these are a mainstay of any Louisianan's wardrobe come summertime.

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    We're hoping for sun at Sun of a Beach! A fancy pair of shades will help you look cool at the party. We think there's just something very cool about a pair of aviators, but your personal favorite pair of sunglasses is perfectly fine.

  • 4

    Sun Tan Lotion

    Anyone who's spent a day in the Louisiana sun can vouch for the importance of wearing sunscreen. That is, unless you enjoy looking as red as a crawfish and probably feeling like they do when they're boiled! Be safe and wear the sun tan lotion of your preference to the party so you can look as cool as you feel.

  • 5

    Sandals or flip flops

    Look, we won't judge you if you show up to Sun of a Beach wearing tennis shoes or sneakers. OK, maybe we will. It's a party at Cash Point The Party Plaza, right near the Red River and featuring trop rock artist Brent Burns. Why wouldn't you wear some sandals or flip flops to complete the beach bum look?