Now I am the kind of person who loves all kinds of music. I love everything from Adele to The Rolling Stones, to George Strait to Jay-Z, but this past weekend, I was stunned at the musical guest, Lana Del Rey.

Keep in mind, I can't sing, which is why I talk for a living, but if you are going to go on SNL, you need to bring your "A-Game", much in the way that Justin Timberlake did when he performed "What Comes Around, Goes Around". That took talent.

Lana Del Rey, not so much. Now, if you think I am being harsh about this, please know that I can't find anyone who thought Lana Del Rey was even worth being on the show. For example, actor Juliette Lewis, herself a singer who’s opened for the likes of Foo Fighters and Chris Cornell, tweeted,

And other Tweets followed:
“Lana Del Rey's next song is called ‘Muted Television While People Brush Their Teeth And Prepare For Bed,’” wrote @ranggrol.

“I expected to be blown away by Lana Del Rey due to the hype. It's time for SNL to get a real band on,” offered @NeonBMC.

Tweeted @karen_g: "Watching Seth Meyers walk up to Lana Del Rey, shaking his head and saying, ‘It wasn't bad!’ says just about everything, doesn't it? Ouch.”

“I love you but that was a HOT MESS,” snapped @MsPearlSnaps.

So who is Lana Del Rey? A newcomer to the music who put out a YouTube video over the last summer. She caught the eye of SNL creator Lorne Michaels and her management jumped at the chance to be on the show. I mean, who wouldn't? However, she has no album out for anyone to buy and this performance could put the brakes on that from happening. It is almost reminiscent of Ashley Simpson's lip-syncing incident...however, I think there are a lot of people (myself included) would would have rather heard the song lip-synced.

Just so you know what I am talking about, here is Lana Del Rey's performance from this past Saturday.