Sometimes kids get in trouble and need to have a punishment. A lot of times when threatened with repercussions, some kids don't think that the adult will follow through with the punishment.

Take, for example, Cory's nephew, Brock.  Brock was told by Cory's father, The Lovable Larry Ryan, not leave an empty popsicle stick laying around his house.  Brock deliberately disobeyed and proceeded to leave a popsicle stick on the table the very next day.  What was the repercussion for that? PooPoo patrol! And as you can see, Brock was not very happy. But lesson learned, popsicle sticks now go in the trash.

Cory Ryan

We asked some of our listeners what creative ideas they had to help get the point across:

  • Amy Littleton said: My husband is USMC we are very creative about punishment. Anyone need the grout in the tile cleaned? Tooth brush and a bucket of soapy water. Teaches them discipline and life skills all at once.
  • Melissa Aguilar says: My daughter who just turned 15 loves to keep her earbuds in and not talk to us. So one day I asked her to leave them out. She had them in so, I got her phone that night and deleted her music and replaced with mine. 80's old school...non offensive and she only had 3 songs to listen to over and over.  She is so much more in tune with us now.

If you have a different creative punishment, let us know. Remember, it takes a village!