We've all heard the phrase 'as honest as the day is long'. Well, if that's the case, the sun is shining brightly on these cities around the globe because they've passed the test as 'the world's most honest'!

Reader’s Digest conducted a study to find the most honest places in the world. The test was simple: they 'lost' a dozen wallets in 16 different cities, then 'waited' to see if the people who picked them up kept them or returned them. Each wallet contained around $50 in local currency, along with pictures and contact information.

According to the test, Helsinki, Finland can pride itself on being the world's most honest as that city led the way with 11 of the 12 wallets returned. Lisbon, Portugal, meanwhile, held the bottom spot, with only one wallet returned.

Here's the top 10 list of most honest cities:

1) Helsinki, Finland 11 of 12 wallets

2) Mumbai, India 9 out of 12

3) (tie) New York City 8 of 12

3) (tie) Budapest, Hungary 8 of 12

5) (tie) Moscow, Russia 7 wallets

5) (tie) Amsterdam, Holland 7 walets

7) (tie) Berlin, Germany 6 wallets

7) (tie) Ljubljana, Slovenia 6 wallets

9) (tie) London, England 5 wallets

9) (tie) Warsaw, Poland 5 wallets