Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Angelina Jolie and Ellen Degeneres...all very famous, highly successful and wildly wealthy, but NOT in the top five of the newly released Forbes Magazine's "Most Powerful Female Celebrities of 2012"! FYI, Ms. Rowling comes in at number 9, Jolie's in the 7 spot and Ellen just missed out 6. So...here comes the top 5!

#5) Shakira The Columbian born singer started her music career at age 13 and after a string a worldwide hits, is ready to sign a new $60 million album / concert deal.

4) Jennifer Lopez The lovely Latina raked in about $52 million last year from her successful fragrance and clothing lines and a revitalized music and acting career. No wonder she dropped American Idol!

3) Beyonce Would you believe a $100 million year? That's what industry insiders say Ms. Knowles put on her tax return, with big bucks coming in from not only her recording and concert career, but also a top selling clothing line and a variety of big time endorsements.

2) Lady Gaga In addition to making $52 million from her "Born This Way Ball" tour, her "Born This Way" CD went double platinum in the USA and triple platinum in Great Britain.

1) Oprah Winfrey Despite giving up her long running show and struggles with her OWN cable network, Oprah's just signed an $83 million deal with a major cable company. If the cast of "Friends" each make $10 million a year in syndication residuals, whaddya think Oprah's worth?