Well, that's a great question -- and I did some checking around.  I discovered the lights at Pines and Greenwood Roads were working just fine earlier this afternoon, so why would there be 12+ Shreveport Police Officers on the corner just looking out at the intersection, all the while one lone officer was directing traffic?  It was extremely puzzling to me, at least at first. 

Then it dawned on me, the Shreveport Police & Fire Regional Training Academy is just about a mile away, and these were probably recruits.  Turns out, I was right on the money.

Evidently this is how they train to direct traffic at intersections.  But wait a minute, why couldn't they talk Sheriff Prator into letting them use Safety Town?  That seems like a no-brainer to me.  I am sure, with the Sheriff having gone through Shreveport's Police training back in the early 80's, he understands the importance of these guys and gals learning the right way to serve and protect us, huh?  Maybe, but that's not what they do. 

This group of recruits graduate in a couple of months and it seems to me that the real world training they are getting is certainly worth the 5 minutes I spent at that light, through two turns of the Green light.  Luckily I wasn't in a hurry today, or I may have been a little preturbed.  But, I'm not and if you were also inconvenienced by this exercise today, just think, whenever it is a 'for real' situation, these soon-to-be cops will know exactly what to do and I have no doubt, will zip us right through intersections, with or without traffic lights.


Rick Taylor