The next time you shop at Walmart -- and we all do -- take a second and look around. Nobody is smiling! You'll see snarls in the home improvement department and frowns in the canned goods aisle. The produce area is the worse. So much pinching, pushing and tossing back items it's a wonder there's anything fit to buy.

I once saw somebody knock a cabbage off the display. The person next to him kicked it out of the way, and when it hit a rolling cart somebody yelled out ”Score!” But that isn't my least favorite part of shopping at Walmart.

Walmart's self-checkout aisles, where you can hear folks cursing under their breath, are the worst. Correction: the men who use them are the worst.

First of all, they don't want to be shopping, Secondly they couldn't find what the little woman sent them to buy. And last but surely not least, they can't find the scanner bar on their purchases. So they keep running that bag of potatoes, or whatever they're buying, over and over and over again, until they accidentally hit the bar code. Thank goodness!

And just when you think you're never shopping at Walmart again, it's your turn to check out. And wouldn't you know it -- you get the nicest, friendliest checker you've ever had! With a big smile and kind words she charms you right out of noticing how no one else is smiling or charming at Walmart.

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