The new movie "Gimme Shelter" has been in theaters for about a week now, but is causing a bit of a stir in Hollywood. And the movie's director says that's because the film is staunchly pro-life!

The story focuses on a physically abused, homeless young woman who finds herself pregnant and has to resist pressure from those who don’t agree with her choice to keep her baby.

Director Ronald Krauss says he incurred a great deal of resistance, not only in getting the movie made, but distributed, and feels that was due to the movie's anti-abortion message.

"A lot of people in Hollywood actually went out of their way to make sure this movie would not come out." Krauss said. "People tried to pay me off. But I just kept saying, 'No. No. No.' And then I came across someone who was willing to help me.”

'Gimme Shelter,' starring Vanessa Hudgens, Brendan Frasier and James Earl Jones, is currently in limited release across the US. It is not currently playing in the Shreveport - Bossier City area.