Everyone is talking about the Super Bowl (mistakenly called the superbowl)...mostly the power outage, but Beyonce did wow a lot of people. There is even the question of a "Janet Jackson moment". So what will the Super Bowl in 2014 for Half-Time to follow up this year's wow-fest? The rumor is...Nothing.Seriously, the plan on cancelling the Half Time Show.

So what would possess the NFL to put the kibosh on the Half time Show? The CLAIM is that New Jersey is too cold.

The 2014 Super Bowl will be the first to be played outdoors in the New Jersey cold weather. They are predicting that the timing of the performance may be a casualty of freezing temperatures.

At this point, The New York Post reported that there are no plans for a musical show at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey as NFL officials can't work out how to put on the huge spectacle in wintry conditions.

Could it be that once the NFL finally got back to being contemporary with Beyonce as the musical centerpiece that they realized that they can't out-do the the 35-minute power outage?

Seems as though, on Monday speculation began about who would play next year's event. As you might expect, New Jersey natives Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi the first suggestions...and quickly sidelined, as NFL officials came out with information that there are no plans for ANY musical performance. Their reasoning?

'It’s because of the cold weather,' one source told the Post

'It’s not only the acts and the singers but [also] the crews that have to put the stage together. You know, the assembly has to be done a certain way,' the official said.

'It’s choreographed and rehearsed so it can be assembled and disassembled as fast as possible. And you just can’t assemble the stage and break it down fast enough in the cold.'

'There’s no plan right now of what to do in its place,' the source continued.

According the NFL and insiders, the 2014 Super Bowl may have more challenges than Half Time, as this Super Bowl will be staged in both New Jersey AND New York simultaneously. Meaning, this could be the most massive Super Bowl ever conceived. It could also cause the most problems with having too many events.

Then there is the other concern...Old Man Winter. If there any significant snowfall, mass transit to the the events and game could prove to be problematic.

'The NFL is freaking out about these issues because they’ve never done a cold-weather Super Bowl,' one source told the Post.

'There are a thousand things we didn’t think about,' another source said.

So now the NFL has to come up with a justification to not have a Half Time performance on the heels of the most watched Super Bowl and Half Time show in history.

Viewing figures have yet to be released for Beyonce's energetic turn, but Madonna's record breaking show in 2013 attracted 114 US viewers. Only 111 million people watched the actual game.