Ok, I just have to ask. What is up with Justin Timberlake and his inability to settle down? When I heard of the end of his most recent long term relationship with Jessica Biel, I was kind of surprised… for about 5 seconds. I mean, he always seems to be with these beautiful women for long periods of time. And, I mean, they MUST like him because they stay together for years… then out of no where… BAM. What happens? He’s like a chronic Long Term Relationship jumper. I mean, let’s trace it back…

Britney Spears – 1999 to March 2002 (which lets be real, they were really together like 10-11 years)

Cameron Diaz 2003-2007

Jessica Biel 2007-2011

His poor momma, Lynn Harless wants to be a Granny so bad, she can’t stand it. I’ve never heard of a serial monogamist who refuses to take the leap. Meanwhile, did you know he briefly dated Alyssa Milano AND Fergie the year he and Brit broke up?