Are you trying to come up with that perfect tantalizing main dish that will just bring out the oohs, aahs, and maybe eews from your guests? Well, look no further than the Mini Piglet from Greenridge Farm Deli.

It's a pork loin molded in the shape of a suckling pig. The best part of this product is its description on the website which you can buy it from.

Hello! My name is Banquet Fiesta Piglet! My middle name IS BONELESS!!! I'M EASY, just fire up the oven to 300F (I fit almost each of them). Cover me with the aluminum foil for the first 2 hours, then bake me at 350-400F for additional 1.5 hour or until golden brown. I'LL BE PERFECTLY CRISP AND TASTY. Serves from 8-12 HUNGRY GUESTS.

Mini Piglet is a steal at only $59.12!  True, most of your guests probably won't enjoy the idea of chowing down on "Babe" or "Wilber." Frankly, I would lose my appetite too.