NBC's Love Bites ran a survey with TODAY.com and Match.com,whether people who included meat in their diet would date someone who didn't, or vice versa.What they found was that 30% of the meat-eaters said they would not date a vegetarian or vegan. On the other hand, only 4% of the vegetarians said that they wouldn't date a meat-eater.

Keep in mind only 2% of Americans identify as vegetarian (includes eggs and cheese) and 3% as vegan (nothing but fruits and vegetables, including no animal products in preparing foods). That’s a pretty small dating pool!

So why won’t these meat-eaters date vegans or vegetarians?

  1. Many consider sharing food a very important part of romance and don’t want to be with someone who won’t share those moments.
  2. Others dislike feeling judged or pressured to give up meat.
  3. Many just don’t like picky eaters; 66% of respondents described that trait as a turn-off.
  4. And some view meat-eaters as more "manly."

Yet, many cross-dietary couples are able to accommodate each other’s choices and make the relationship work.

“The ability to accommodate to needs of a new partner is really important – both people have to work at it,” said Dr Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and Match.com’s chief scientific adviser. “The vegetarian has to send the message that they can work around it, they can find or bring alternatives to barbecues or family gatherings, and the meat eater has to be willing to bend once in a while as well.