So it is that time of year, Lent is here and the question always hits us on Fat Tuesday...what will I give up for Lent? Candy, alcohol, smoking...and, no, you cannot give up Lent for Lent (I tried that one as a kid and that went over like a fart in church with my Mom...yes, reference intended.)

Well, one woman in Chicago had the genius idea of giving up Facebook for Lent. Now, considering how much Christine Melendez is on Facebook, this is a pretty noble challenge.  Now,  some people just check in on Facebook, others live on it...and it seems that Christine is the latter. Christine claims to be the kind of person who is always "posting status updates and pictures and checking what others have posted."

Now since Lent has kicked in and she has given up on Facebook: “I kind of feel like I forget to do something every morning before I go to work, but I’m doing pretty good. I haven’t cheated yet.” After all, this woman does use it for what it was meant for, so between now and Easter, she will be having some withdrawals.

Good for you Christine...well...wait a minute. She didn't say that she was giving up on Social Media all together. Christine is still posting updates on Facebook, but didn't she say that she gave it up?

Yes, but she is on Twitter along with Facebook, which means one post on Twitter, is a post on Facebook, at the same time.

Christine Melendez says giving up on Social Media: "That would be impossible".