On Thursday night’s episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Autumn Erhard became only the second person in the show's lengthy history to win the $1 million prize.

True to the program’s name, Erhard had extremely good fortune to hit the seven figure jackpot. First, she landed on the $1 million wedge during the game, then hit it again when she spun the wheel before the bonus round, all the while knocking out two other competitors.

In the final round, Erhard, who'd already won 30 thousand dollars, only got three letters. Then, despite having only those slight clues, she instantly solved the puzzle.

Erhard, a 30 year old from California, said afterward, “I am in complete and utter shock!"

And, of course, now she can not only buy all the vowels she'd ever want, but with a cool million in her purse, just about everything else, too.