We all have those days when it's just hectic. I can tell from this post from a friend that she's having a rough day. Catie Watts Williams put one of the best things on Facebook today that I've seen in a while. She prefaces it by saying "This is probably going step on some men's toes":

Facebook photo

Then she posts this gem:

"I hate when an older gentlemen sees me speeding just a little and gives me that disconcerting look and shakes his finger at me. I just wanna yell at him and say, really? What have you done this morning? Put your clothes on and eat the breakfast your wife made you? I've made the bed, gotten myself ready, gotten 2 kids ready, fed them, loaded my car, changed our dishes, planned for dinner, doubled check bills, broke up a fight between kids, fed 2 cats a dachsund and a pig and now running behind schedule. I mean really, if reincarnation exists, I wanna come back as a man!!!" Love this and I know how she feels. All women have days this.