It's origins, as one organizer put it, 'are lost in the mists of time.' But we do know the sport of shin kicking began more than 400 years ago and was revived in the 1960s as The World Shin Kicking Championships. The contest is held annually in Cotswald in England and the rules are simple: Contestants grab each other by the shoulders and kick away. Rules are few: No kicking above the knees and no roundhouse or martial arts style kicks are allowed. Equipment is non existent, save for the straw each kicker stuffs up, or down, his trousers for a bit of padding.

Last year's champion, Zac Warren, took home first prize again this year, going unbeaten in all of his two out of three falls matches. Following his triumph, the 24 year old Warren announced his retirement, saying, 'It's  game for younger men.'