It's a whopper of a bra!! It's being sold on e-bay for a breast cancer charity.

If you are really nit-picker, this record-setting bra is not the largest cup available, but it's still considered the world's biggest bra because of its overall size.

Photo by David Smithson for Getty Images

The bra is a "mega 1,360B". It's as big as 2 tennis courts and weighs as much as about 2 thousand regular-sized bras. The plan is to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign in the UK. Bidding has started at more than $800 dollars. You can BID NOW. The auction wraps up on October 28th. If you have the winning bid, you'll get the bra itself along with a copy of the Guinness World Records official certificate. The bra is now hanging from the ITV Tower in London.