Driving around Shreveport-Bossier can take a lot out of you. Wait, let me correct that... Can take a lot out of your car! Maybe it's been the heat, but it seems like the roads have gotten a lot rougher lately! I've tried to come up with a list of the Top (Bottom???) 5 that I've come across. Feel free to add your own, too!

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    Gladstone And Line Ave.

    Cracks And Holes!

    Just to the West of Byrd High School, one can find what I believe to be the most cracked road around! And, between the cracks, are holes. Lots and lots of holes. Just try to drive through the intersection of Gladstone & Line with a cup of coffee; I dare you! I think it's the original pavement that Adam and Eve put down!

    BJ Kelley
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    Kings And Mansfield

    Watch Out For The Dip!

    Sometimes, to avoid an accident or to bypass traffic from the fairgrounds, Kings Highway is a good shortcut. Or maybe UPS left a note saying you've got a package to pick up. Whatever the case may be, don't be flying too fast down Kings near Mansfield Road. Or, it's possible to get airborne! It's hard to see from the picture, but there really needs to be a "Dip" sign here! It's like the road is sinking!

    BJ Kelley
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    I-20 Westbound Between 49 And Greenwood Road

    Merging And Trying To Stay In The Lanes!

    I-20 scares me in many places. Westbound through Bossier City, the interstate gets very narrow, while trying to accommodate hundreds of merging cars at the same time! But, the fun really gets started once we're over the Red River Bridge and just past I-49. The holes and bumps in the interstate will really jar you awake. And, merging from 49 to westbound 20, it's a test of wills to merge the car into the lanes!

    BJ Kelley
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    Westbound Kings Before Line Ave.

    Stay Out Of The Right Lane!

    Between Creswell and Line, Kings Highway has numerous issues. Earlier this summer, the middle of the road sprung a water leak! After fixing the water issue, the pavement was patched and is a little bumpy. But, it's 100% better than that right lane! Going up the hill, the right lane opens up to swallow all tires, big and small. I don't know about you, but when I'm stuck in that lane, I will get my car over to the left as much as possible. No matter how well the car rides, nothing can tame those potholes!

    BJ Kelley
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    Texas Street, Industrial Drive And I-20

    Biggest Pothole I Have Found!

    This takes the cake as the worst pothole I have found. The intersection of Industrial Drive and Texas, near Sue's Country Kitchen, is bad. The road is in poor shape, and nobody seems to understand that 2 lanes are turning left! Then, just as you're settled in the correct lane and ready to turn onto I-20, BAM! The car sinks and rocks. Did I just fall into a crater? Almost! The picture does no justice to the hole. Between cars, I jumped out to measure... It's about 6 feet wide! Want the car to scrape bottom? Just hit this hole at anything over 15 MPH!

    BJ Kelley