How many guests did you have at your wedding? A mere 10 or 15 (small)? Around 50 (medium)? Or 100 or more (large)? And if 100 is a lot, what would you call a wedding with 25,000?

That's right, a wedding featuring 25,000 guests took place earlier this week in Jerusalem. The nuptials were between Shalom Rokeach and Hannah Batya Penet. Rokeach is the descendant of a wealthy dynasty with ties to the Jewish community, so this union turned into such a massive affair it made it seem as if Prince William and Kate Middleton eloped.

To manage the wedding (with all 25,000 guests) authorities closed numerous streets and video screens were erected so the invited who couldn't get near the ceremony could see.

The wedding festivities, which started before sundown, lasted until dawn. It was not reported how many of the 25,000 brought gifts, but it's estimated the bride and groom could be writing 'thank you' notes until their third anniversary.