Yahoo has a new CEO (she used to run Google) with a ton of new ideas to reinvigorate the number 2 search engine and also-ran email service. Now, the company has enlisted the most logical person to get celebrities to open up about their "first time:" John Stamos.

The show is called "Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos," and the premise is simple: get John to reunite celebrities with the people who took their virginity:

He says, quote, "For every actor, celebrity, musician and politician out there that we see, there's somebody at home going, 'I was their first.' I want to hear their stories, too."

There is even a sense of humor and low-tech feel that will accompany this show, as Stamos will reenact those magic moments with puppets, Barbie dolls or some other kind of animation.

So how did this all come about? According to the former Uncle Jesse, he was reunited with his "first" about 13 years ago. He said he didn't even recognize her:

He says, quote, "She's about 10 years older than me and I was in my late 30s then, and I said, 'Nice to meet you.'

"She said, 'Meet you?! Don't you remember? I took your virginity.' I was shocked. She didn't look quite the same. She was a bit older and a bit rounder."

He adds, quote, "I said to her, 'I remember now. We were driving and I dropped my keys between my legs and you grabbed me.' She was like, 'No, it was more romantic than that. I held your hand and we walked through a park together.'

"The stories were vastly different."

But will celebrities want to be on the show?

He won't identify him, but he says, quote, "One very big star said, 'I gotta be on your show.'

"He said, 'My first time was in a cornfield and there was poison oak in the field. So every time I have sex now, I itch.' That's the kind of story I want on the show."

This won't be the only show that Yahoo will be putting out for all to see; this is just the beginning. They have comedies and lifestyle shows geared toward women all lined up for fall:

  • "Tiny Commando" -- an action-packed series following a four-inch-tall private investigator who uses his awesome fleet of vehicles to fight crime.
  • "We Need Help" --  Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris exploit their shared personal assistant in the series
  • "Fashion Recipe" -- Celebrity stylist Brett Alan Nelson shows you how to get the most from one particular article of clothing.
  • "Cinema & Spice" -- Julianna Strickland and Natasha Feldman explore food and film while teaching viewers new cooking skills and decorating ideas.
  • "Grill Girls" (not the final title) -- A new grilling show featuring Chef Megan Mitchell sharing her grilling secrets and tips for everything

[via BusinessInsider]