Day 3 of my walking is over and I really do feel better.

On day 1, Dr. Jason Maggio joined me at Mall St. Vincent for a brief walk. We made it around the mall twice. Monday, 3 listeners came out to walk with me and I can not tell you how great it is to have support when you are trying to get motivated. Liz, Terri and Dana are also trying to get healthier and they are committed to making this a success. Liz came up with our name....the CIA (chicks in action). We might even get t-shirts made. We made it around the mall 2 and a half times. I was a little sore the next day, but not too bad. On Wednesday, the gang showed up again and we were off. Before I even noticed, we had walked at a pretty good pace all the way from Dillards to Sears. I made it around the mall 3 times and we walked for nearly 30 minutes. Friday, I have to be at Sportsman's Expo in the afternoon so I will be walking with Dr. Maggio at 1pm. But the plan from now on will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 5pm at Mall St. Vincent. We meet inside the mall near Dillards. You are more than welcome to join us...the more the merrier.