The fight over a proposed dog park for Shreveport's riverfront seems headed for a courtroom showdown, and taxpayers could end up picking up the tab.

The Dog Park Alliance is expected to sue the Mayor since he continues to refuse to sign off on funding from the Red River Waterway Commission. Shreveport Council Chairman Michael Corbin tells us "if a group sues the Mayor, he as Mayor and his legal fees have to be paid for by the City. That is a burden to the taxpayers. It is unfortunate, but that's how the system works."

The DPA secured funding from the Commission for $280,000 to pay for a dog park at the Hamel Memorial Park on the Clyde Fant Parkway. The Shreveport City Council voted in favor of the plan, but the Mayor vetoed it.

The council overrode that veto, but the Mayor won't sign off on the paperwork to accept the money.