I am sure Kathie Lee Gifford meant no harm or malice, but this is a very hurtful moment for Martin Short.  Here's the story.

This morning on the Today Show, Kathy Lee Gifford was co-hosting and she was talking with Martin Short about his new movie Madagascar 3. As history has it with Kathie Lee, from her days with Regis, she had this habit of acting like she intimately knew the person she was interviewing. Seems that was her modus-operendi today when she began to ask about Martin Short's wife, Nancy.

Sadly Nancy passed away of ovarian cancer 2 years ago. When Kathie Lee first asked about Nancy, you can see how uncomfortable he began to feel, but Kathy didn't pick up on his body cues. You could tell that Hoda Kotb was seeing it and tries to steer the ship back on course. Well, take a gander.