With all the hub-bub going on in Shreveport about the new dog park, the question comes up as to who will be paying for this. If you haven't looked the new laws, it looks like there is a war on man's best friend.

Over the past year, there has been all kinds of stories about how people like, 96.5 KVKI's own Erin McCarty, have been clamming for a dog park in Shreveport, including the pending lawsuit against the Mayor Glover of Shreveport.

Now, of course, during the Tax season, we get the word from a number of tax payers about how you will be hit in 2014 with additional taxes, if you don't have Health Care, which will total $550 per person. But wait, 2013 isn't over and the mainstream media hasn't shone a light on the one tax that hits almost 40% of all families in the USA...the dog owner.

You may want to get familiar with this, as man's best friend is now a Taxpayer under Obamacare and the new tax laws with the new W-K9. The main thrust for this is the increased costs associated with Obamacare for pet supplies and medical procedures that use human medical devices.