Vacation season is the time to break out your best road foods.  That way, you don't have to stop to eat and you can get there quicker.  

Beef Jerky photo by Flickr


Local folks in the Shreveport/Bossier area say  egg salad sandwiches,  cheese logs,  Ritz crackers and tobasco sauce,  and  peanuts in your coke.

But the BEST road food,  according to one in three men,  is BEEF JERKY!

SO,  how many different kinds of beef jerky are there?  About as many as ways to cook shrimp,  according to Bubba.

There’s turkey jerky, chicken jerky, buffalo jerky, ostrich jerky, alligator jerky,  crocodile,  kangaroo,  Emu,  Wild Boar jerky, Venison (those Hook 'em Up and Track 'em Down guys have a recipe for this) and  smoked Salmon.

I’ve also heard of people making their own trout jerky, goose jerky, and duck jerky. What's next? Tofu jerky?