I've heard everything now..YouTube is going 3 D.   Where are my eyeglasses? I need those that have one red lens and one blue.

The site is testing a feature to let you view video clips and convert them to 3D format. So, if you're blogging, supposedly you can click "Edit Info" on a video page and select "3 D."

BUT, you'll still need 3D glasses to see the clips on most devices. Apparently 3D already can be viewed on personal computers, televisions, and cellphone screens with different and sometimes incompatible software and technologies.

Right. I'm so sure I'll be sitting there with those stupid glasses from the 70's looking like someone on LSD. I'm wondering if this will really take off.

However, this new technology really is amazing. No sooner do you buy a new computer or smart phone than the one you have is already outdated, or even obsolete. Is Blackberry going away? We'll see.

Interesting to me, though, that new technology is also combining the retro.

I saw the last Harry Potter movie in 3D. It really was kind of cool. I actually put my hand out and tried to grab something! My kids laughed at me in embarrassment!

I tried to tell them about a pair of 3D glasses I had with a Grand Funk album in the 7o's, but they had never even seen a real record player stereo, phonograph, or even vinyl albums or 45s.

But, they sure can text, talk, chew gum, drive and fight with each other all at the same time. I guess the key is multitasking.

Where will it all end?