I love watching food shows and that is why I am so excited about our Taste of Home Cooking Show coming up.Townsquare Media is hosting the “Taste of Home Cooking School”. Experience a 2-hour demonstration of fabulous recipes. Culinary Specialist, Jamie Dunn, will show step-by-step instructions on how to create favorite, everyday, dishes. Jamie Dunn will also be assisted by our own Bossier Parish Community College Culinary students.

Ticket holders can arrive early and visit with multiple home, garden, gourmet foods, florist and various other vendors from the Shreveport/Bossier area! These vendors will be offering discounts, giveaways, raffles and more!

Additionally, everyone will receive an attractive gift bag, the Taste of Home Quick Cooking Recipe Magazine, and other goodies. Attendees also have the opportunity to register for door prizes, including the recipes created on stage that night by the culinary specialist, and various prizes offered by the participating vendors and sponsors.

But I wonder if Water Bugs will be on the menu? Here is a list of some weirdest things I could find on the internet that people eat:

Cone Pizza! This picture was snapped in Seoul, South Korea, and you know what? It looks pretty tasty. Can I get one in the States yet?

Anyway, check out some other weird foods from around the world, and be sure and share your own experiences in the comments!

So is it pickled snake head? Or is snake head a type of fish? Either way, I'm not eating it. Spotted in an Asian market in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Black beans are good. Cheese is good. But black bean cheese? I have actually had this, it sort of looks like a bowl of ash. It is actually pretty good!

Found in San Francisco. Fish candy? I don't think so!

It's tough to read the label, so I'll just tell you: it's cow lung.

Trout isn't that weird really, but they hardly look "live."

Wow who knew?! Now if I could just catch them and can them I would be a millionaire!

Spotted at the Raleigh, N.C. BugFest.

Pork Floss!!!  Ay-yo Adrienne... you got something in your teeth.

So what's exactly is Haw anyway? Found in Beijing.


I remember buying my kids a bug sucker at Sci-port once. It even came with an "I ate a bug sticker!"
So what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?