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Tempered glass has saved countless lives.  Now, thanks to a $1.9 Million Tomakk Glass Partners fabrication facility in Shreveport, it will provide quite a few jobs in the area as well.

KTBS is reporting that the Shreveport glass makers have had the facility completed since February.  Now, it's ready to start pumping out fabricated and tempered glass in order to fill a need in the area.  Co-founder Scott Hoffman claims that not only will the facility be able to meet the need for these glass products locally, they will be able to target and compete in larger cities like Dallas, Houston, Little Rock and even Atlanta.

Both Hoffman and Tomakk president and co-founderClay Hargett say this isn't the last you'll hear of the glass specialists either.  Expansions that will allow them to serve even more big markets are coming, according to the pair - and that means even more jobs!

Currently, Tomakk is one of only two such locations in Louisiana that can do make this special kind of glass.  Currently, the company employs 16 people - but they claim that number will double before the year is up.

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