We do love our star-gazing, and 2020 will be a banner year for enjoying what nature has to offer us in the skies. According to the Houston Chronicle, you need to put the following events on your 'not to be missed' calendar this year.

  • February through May. Four super-moons in a row
  • Feb 18. The moon will pass in between Earth and Mars, in what is known as an 'occultation'
  • April 22-23, May 6-7. Meteor showers that will produce up to 60 shooting stars per hour
  • July 4-5, and November 29-30. Lunar Eclipse, visible in North America
  • Mid July. Jupiter and Saturn will be closest to the Earth, making them brighter than any other point for the rest of the year
  • Aug. 12-13. Perseid meteor shower
  • October 31. 'Blue Moon'
  • December 13-14. Geminids meteor shower, made even more spectacular with a moonless night in store
  • December 14. Total Solar Eclipse, visible in South America
  • December 21. Jupiter and Saturn appear to almost collide, causing a 'super conjunction'.

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