Have you ever stopped to think about the two television game shows Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? You probably haven’t but stay with me while we do. They are both trivia games. Almost all of us like trivia. It’s always fun to know something that someone else doesn’t know. It gives us a feeling of intellectual superiority. And for that brief moment, we feel better about ourselves.

Since we all crave that ”good feeling” it would make sense that attention-hungry animals such as us humans would find a way to display this behavior in public, in front of other human beings, and thus the trivia game was born.

You’ve probably argued with siblings, co-workers, family members, and total strangers about trivia before. It’s almost always an enthusiastic discussion too. I remember the days before smartphones and Google when you could state your case for your answer and if someone wanted to verify your take, they’d have to go to the library.

Now it’s not that way. If you announce a statement as fact, you better darn sure know what you’re talking about. Or you’ll need to be prepared to eat crow. Ever wonder where that term came from? Perhaps we will enlighten you with the unique list that we’ve put together.

10 Random Facts to Make You Feel Smarter

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